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Since 2010, hurricanes have caused over $400 billion in damages—half coming from the two devastating 2017 storms, Harvey and Maria. In Massachusetts alone, the downtime caused by two of 2018's blizzards cost businesses near $1 billion in lost revenue.

No matter where your company is located and the time of year, be it summer in tornado alley, the coast during hurricane season or in the many states that receive multiple feet of snow per winter, the threat of storms destroying important company infrastructure always looms. 

IT professionals must stay well-aware, and ahead, of incoming weather patterns, and have preparations in place to weather any storm.  

Download this disaster preparedness checklist to identify: 

  • How much downtime you can afford
  • The assests most critical to your operations
  • An evaluation processes of your IT support
  • Testing and communication strategies
  • A Disaster Recovery plan that fits your needs

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