5 Steps to Disaster Preparedness. Is Your SMB Ready?

Are you prepared to keep your business up and running - no matter what?

When you are running a company or the IT department, it’s imperative that you are prepared for the worst – and ensure your business-critical data and applications are secure at all times.

The term ‘disaster preparedness’ often makes us think of tornados and tsunamis -- events that are life changing. But in reality, computer viruses, transformer malfunction or building collapse are also ‘disasters’ as any of these events could negatively impact business continuity and your company’s bottom-line. Think disaster preparedness before you need to think about disaster recovery. 

This whitepaper outlines the five steps you should take to prepare for disaster preparedness and disaster recovery:

  • Validate the need
  • Conduct a business impact analysis
  • Determine the return on investment
  • Create your plan
  • Test your plan

Download the white paper and follow the steps to ensure that your company is well positioned if for disaster recovery–Philadelphia, Boston, New York. Be prepared no matter what. 


Download Your Whitepaper Here